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There are many ways, large and small, to help the school. Here are a few current needs.

A recently rehabbed building houses the new BCP Library. Textbooks and Science Lab Workbooks are needed. The students are required to read classical novels in English. Those are in demand. There is a minimum of books available now, but we need to provide many more. The government exams require that specific textbooks be purchased, so we do the shopping in Kampala. You can help make this a better resource for the students on the Bishop Comboni campus!

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(All donations are always welcome, but it much less expensive to purchase books in Uganda than to ship. Shipping can take 6 months, and there is no guarantee that the package will ever arrive. Also, the students need very specific textbooks to help them with National Exams.)


      Sometimes a child loses a sponsor, but fees are still due. This fund lets us help the child stay in school until a new sponsor is found.

      Many secondary students need financial help not only with school fees, but also with transportation and with personal and school supplies. Some sponsors are able to offer additional funds for this purpose; others cannot. The Children’s Aid Fund enables us to ensure that students have the minimum necessary for personal supplies, school supplies and transportation.
Children's Aid Fund


      Most donations to BCP are “restricted” and can be used only for a pre-designated, specific purpose, like the sponsorship of a child or donations for special projects. Yet sometimes an unanticipated need or emergency arises. A medical emergency is our worst fear.

      We need funds on site immediately to help a student in distress. You can make fast action possible by contributing to the Emergency Fund so we can respond to unforeseen crises.

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Help Bishop Comboni Keep Good Teachers!

The current on-campus teachers’ housing was meant to be temporary and is beyond repair. Three-family housing units are underway. One has been completed. Five more are planned. The families in the first unit are waiting for neighbors.

There is a Single Staff Building that has been completed except for the furnishings. It is a wonderful design providing 8 private residences with a communal kitchen and eating area, surrounding an open courtyard.

Furnished, this would allow another 8 teachers to live on-campus.

Both situations would inspire good teachers to come to Bishop Comboni and to stay.
Please help us make these dreams come true.

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Special Packages
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S1 Provisions Package of $137*, for the new student
Transportation and Supplies Package of $173* annually, for all students attending Bishop Comboni.

Please note: More Packages are available. Call or
email for suggestions.

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*Donation amounts above include Paypal fees.
To avoid these fees, you may pay by check.
S1 provisions by check are $133 and
transportation and supplies are $168 by check.
Make checks payable to:
Bwindi Community Program
20 Soldiers Trail – Sedona, AZ 86336
Please include your full name, address, and email.

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If you use Amazon Smile to shop, Amazon will donate .5% of your purchases to Bwindi Community Program.

Start by going to:

At the top of the page there is a place to add
Bwindi Community Program as your charity of choice. Or on this page, you can click "Your Account" and then click ""your charity" in the drop down box and add us.

Now you're ready to shop on Amazon like you always do.

So always go to and shop, shop, shop!

On rare occasions, when a number of donations come in simultaneously, the total amount needed for a specific item may be exceeded. When this occurs, we move the additional funds to one of the other listed items, not yet completely funded. In the event that your donation exceeds the amount needed for the donation you chose, please contact us at the time of your donation if you would like us to alert you before moving funds.

If you would prefer to speak to us directly about other donation options,
please feel free to call us:
Jim & Jan Tanis 928-204-1135

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