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The Children


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Ivan's sponsor passed away. He is in his fourth year of secondary school at Bishop Comboni. He needs help to finish this very important step in his education. The completion of this year is the key to moving on to vocational training. He is a strong Math and Commerce student.

Ivan has had a difficult life - he has no father and is being raised by his mother who grows vegetables. He also has 5 siblings, so there is no money for education. He's charming, energetic and very funny.

Help him to reach his potential by sponsoring this year and considering vocational training for him. Support for Ivan will insure that he has choices about his future.

Please contact Jan or Jim to learn specific financial requirements for this unique situation.

     To reach us by telephone,   please call:

 Jim and Jan Tanis
   or email

     Bwindi Community Program
     20 Soldiers Trail
     Sedona, AZ 86336


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Linnet loves science and wants to become a mid-wife. She is an organized, bright, student who works hard and has maintained a high class rank. She will graduate from primary school in December of 2017. The quest to pursue science courses in secondary school and her goal of medical training are the next steps.

Her family is large. Linnet has six brothers and only one of them attends school. The income of a father who farms and a mother who trades at the local market cannot support education. She is in Primary 7 only because a teacher at the school decided to pay for her tuition. She is an impressive student.

She has come far with some local help. Now the cost of secondary will put a stop to that unless she finds a sponsor. Secondary school tuition is beyond the means of most of the rural population in Uganda. Four years of secondary education coupled with vocational training will provide a future for her. You can be that sponsor!


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Osiria is sponsored and is about to graduate from primary school. Her Sponsor wants to continue to support this worthy student but is unable to meet the demands of secondary school fees. He would like to partner with another sponsor. Sharing the cost equally would allow two sponsors to enjoy the rewards of taking a student on to secondary school while paying the cost of primary education.

Osiria is an active participant in her classes and strives to help with school programs. Her mother is living. She has one brother and enjoys playing netball with her school mates. She has been sponsored during her time in primary school and wants to continue with her education. She is a very capable student.

You can help make this possible by sharing the cost of her secondary years. Two sponsors can keep her in school. Two sponsors will reap the benefits of knowing and helping Osiria. And the cost will be half of the fees and expenses for secondary education!


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Nicholas was first in his class on the government exam that he took recently. He is always the first or second ranking student in the class. This hard working boy is focused upon becoming a medical worker. He has the ability to study and create a situation for himself that would lift him out of poverty.

He is the youngest of 5 children supported by a night-watchman at a local lodge along with a mom who cares for the family at home. He has a supportive family that cannot afford secondary education. This is the harsh reality of life in the village.

Nicholas’ education will stop when he graduates from Primary in November of 2017 unless he finds a sponsor to take him to secondary school. The potential opportunity to go to Bishop Comboni secondary school is what motivates him. Please help him through this next level of education and open the door to his future.

New Sponsorship - Secondary


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Mercy is thirteen and has had the security of a sponsored education for a number of years. That changed recently when her sponsor ran into financial difficulties.

Mercy is in Secondary 2 at Bishop Comboni and a very dedicated student. She knows what life without an education means. She has three years of high school ahead. Vocational training would mean the world to her.

She has the emotional support of a mother who understands the value of an education. Her father does not. He has two wives and Mercy has three sisters and two brothers. Mercy’s mother takes care of all of them by selling bricks which can be made and sold two times each year. Life is very hard.

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Some children lose a sponsor during the course of their education; situations change, etc. Some sponsors cannot afford to provide the more expensive costs of Secondary or Vocational or University level tuitions. Transportation and provisioning of the secondary students as they leave the Village for the first time is expensive.

We have created a fund called
“The Children’s Aid Fund” to supplement these students until we can find a new sponsor or a partner sponsor to solve the problem. Please go to the “Other Donations” area if you are interested in a one-time donation that would benefit the students who may otherwise be sent home. There are SO many ways to help!
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